Houston, We Have A Minor Problem

by A Minor Problem

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released March 21, 2015


all rights reserved



A Minor Problem Heerlen, Netherlands

A Minor Problem is a Punk / Rock band from Heerlen, The Netherlands. Debut album 'A Minor Problem' out now!

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Track Name: Pretend
You say that I'm not nice to you
But you ain't either
You called up a psych
And told me to meet her
The love we once had
Has turned into pain
The only reason you're still here is personal gain

And I pretend that I love you
I pretend that I need you
I pretend that you are everything to me
I pretend I'm not lying
I pretend you're not crying
I pretend that you're shrouded in mystery

And everytime I look at you I just see misery
And no matter what I do you never let me be
I wanna run away but I know it's too late
I'm just gonna have to stay and suffer my fate


Tell me what I'm supposed to do
When your emotions aren't true
Tell me what I'm supposed to feel
When everything you say isn't real
Tell me who I'm supposed to be when there is nothing left of me
Is it all just gonna end because all that I do is

Track Name: Rise Again
Look at yourself lying face down on the ground
You're feeling lost and defeated
Look at yourself because you were once so proud
But now you're gone when you're needed

You ain't going down
You'll find yourself somehow
And you won't feel the pain
And I said lalalalala
You'll be doing fine
just don't stand in line
And you will rise again

Look at the world because it completely bent
Out of shape, and you know it
Look at the world because it's about to end
And don't you dare to ignore it

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: How Will It Go On
There is no end don't act like you can understand (4x)

The soldier is a man, the soldier is a fighter
The soldier is a hero for all the guns he's fired
But after all these things that the soldier did
The admiral asks him to shoot a kid
He looks at his hands, he looks at his gun
Begins to question all the things he's done
He looks at the child and knows it aint good
But..... To be continued

How will it go on
Keep on singing your protest song
How will it go on
Cant you see this shit is wrong
How will it go
Get up now get something done
How will it go on
We stood around for way too long

The president has soldiers
Has soldiers everywhere
And no matter how many die
He doesnt seem to care
But when a friend of his
Is shot in a neighbourhood
Then.... To be continued


Corporate wars (to be...)
Burning stores (...)
North korea (...)
More militia (...)
No privacy (...)
Just tyranny (...)

Lets get up (...)
Dont give a fuck (...) x 4
Track Name: Carnival (All Over Again)
From the first day that you're born
From the first day you're put on this earth
People will start passing you by
Trying to find out what you're worth
And some people show it money
Some people show it with fame
And then there are people, people like me
Who show it by not doing the same

Because I loved and I hated
Destroyed and created
Made rules then forgot about the plan
And I laughed and I cried
I joked and I died
And I did it all over again

And some people offer you money
To do things you don't wanna do
And I tell those people to fuck the fuck off
Because I don't wanna be like you
No my life is full of surprises
And I'd like to keep it that way
So that if someone asks me what do I do
I can always truthfully say


Some people don't have opinions
Because they're afraid of some hate
They never ask you what is right and what's wrong
Agree with everything that you state
But those people seem to forget
That there's another thing haters do
And that is that when there are haters
There are also people loving you


And one day you'll hear the bell ringing
And that day you'll open the door
And Death will be looking you right in the eyes
And he'll leave you wanting for more
So until that day arrives
Be sure that you did what you could
Because in the end that's the only way
To feel truly good

Track Name: Eyo Alex
Hallo ik ben Alex en ik drum en dat vind ik best dikke fun
Ik zit hier achter t pedaal entertain jullie allemaal
En toen iik nog een heel klein kindje was begon ik al met drummen
En sindsdien is dat drumstel niet meer bij me weg te gummen


Hallo ik ben Alex en ik drum al voor een hele lange run
En ik vind t helemaal niet fijn om hier het middelpunt te zijn


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